Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Windows Update IE Frame Recursion/Loop Problem when Selecting "Optional" Updates

I've been having problems performing the "Windows Update" with the Internet Explorer on one of my Windows Server 2003 system, which is used as a software testing workstation.

From IE6 to IE8, the whole "Windows Update" process goes on normally until I try to select the "Software, Optional" option on the side frame. IE just loads another "Windows Update" process in the center frame.

Prior to IE8, the recursive process just cascades deeper and deeper, with more frames within frame. But since IE8, the process is now a loop. When I try to continue the "Windows Update" process in the sub-frame window, the sub-frame just goes back to the original "High Priority" option sub-frame.

The funny thing is that it only happens to one of my machines. Usually, I just use CTupdate to update this machine and forget about it; but I thought I'll fix it since I have some free time now.

After a little googling, I found a link to this page:

The forum poster found out that it was the "BitComet Helper" add-on from his BitComet 0.84 that was affecting his Windows XP system.

I checked and I found that I have an old BitComet 0.7 in my system that I have totally forgotten about, so I went on to disable the add-on.

In IE8, I went to "Tools -> Manage Add-ons", and disabled the "BitComet Helper" add-on.

Problem solved and my "Windows Update" is now working fine.

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